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Do you have questions about dental implants? You’re in luck!

With the addition of valuable team members like Dr. Drescher, Dr. Alverson, and the best technology in our industry, the Carney Family Dental team is well versed and highly knowledgeable in dental implants. There is […]

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5 Things You Need To Do After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Many people dread having their wisdom teeth removed due to the cost, pain, or recovery. At Carney Family Dental, there’s nothing to worry about! We go out of our way to make sure that you […]

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How to Combat COVID & Take Care of Your Smile

2020 has flown by, and with shutdowns, it’s made it that much harder to take care of all the important things you still need to do, including going to the dentist. Here are some questions […]

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You’re Missing Out On…What? You Need Comprehensive Dentistry!

Here at Carney Family Dental, we’re not just taking care of teeth. Our goal is to make sure you feel cared for, and this includes handling all facets of dentistry, as well as prioritizing your […]

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Should You Toss the Floss? It’s Time To Find Out

Not only does this extra step clear out bacteria from the oral cavity, but if you floss regularly, your gums will bleed less. Just like a muscle you exercise, there’s less pain and stress the more you practice!

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